MK essentia healthcare series Antiseptic Spray

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Active ingredients:

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 1% w/v


As an antiseptic for treatment of skin lesions, cuts, abrasions, infected wounds and burns.


Not recommended for those with known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in the product

Suitable for:

• Minor wound disinfection from burns, scalds, blisters, cuts, or scratches.

• First aid

• Sports or outdoors activities

• Pregnant and Breastfeeding women

Function & Benefits:

• For the treatment of minor wounds

• Protects from infections by reducing the number of microorganisms on the skin or wound surface

• Transparent solution that will not cause staining like tinted products containing iodine or eosin.

• Convenient no touch application with easy-to-spray bottle.

• No alcohol.


Clean and dry the affected area. Then spray the solution 3 times a day. 

Product Registration No. MAL23103035XCZ

Pack Size: 30ml