Neutrovis Extra Protection Premium 4-Ply Medical Mask (Black)

  • 2,000 pts

Valid till 2023-12-31

This face mask is a 4-ply premium medical grade face mask. The face mask is made with melt blown filter fabric with 98% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) and 96% PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency), which works to block out bacteria, pollution, pollen and dust particles from your surroundings.


This Premium series is ultra-soft and is especially suitable for those who have sensitive skin.


Neutrovis mask is customised (175mm x 95mm) to fit the Asian facial structure and to provide users with a better fit and added comfort for long wear. The ear loops are also ultra gentle for maximum comfort.


Perfect for daily protection for both work and play.


How to use Neutrovis Face Mask:
- Cover your mouth, nose and chin with the coloured side facing outwards
- Pinch the metal edge of the mask so it follows the contour of your nose bridge
- Remove a used mask by holding only the ear loops