Neutrovis KN95 Face Respirator (Black Coal)

  • 1,500 pts

Valid till 2023-12-31

The KN95 face respirator is designed to limit unfiltered air entry with the flaps staying flushed against your face. This provides a secure seal and double protection from all sides of the face respirator. The 2 layers of inner melt-blown filter fabric increases the filtration efficiency for double protection against the virus. Its innovative 3D design allows for more space between your mouth and the face respirator and reduces the risk of the wearer readjusting it. Made with premium melt-blown filter fabric with 98% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) and 98% PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency), the product is able to block out bacteria, pollution, pollen and dust particles from our surroundings. Suitable for daily use.


The KN95 is designed to reduce the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) states that the KN95 series “may be preferable in some situations or for some people,” like when “prolonged close contact with people who do not live in the same household is unavoidable,” – this includes an office building, grocery store or even on public transportation.


Features of the KN95 Face Respirator:
- 4 layers of protection (2 inner layers of melt-blown filter fabric)
- 98% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)
- 98% PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency)
- 3D design for better breathability and communication
- Tight-sealing fit

How to use a Neutrovis KN95 Face Respirator:
- Place the mask over your face and secure the ear loops
- Adjust the metal strip to fit the shape of your nose
- Remove a used mask by holding only the ear loops


What do I need to know when using Neutrovis KN95 Face Respirators?
- Discard or replace the face respirator if it becomes damaged or breathing resistance becomes excessive

- Inspect the mask before each use to ensure it is in good working condition. Examine all the parts for signs of damage including the two straps and nose clips
- Do not alter, wash, abuse or misuse the face respirator