MegaLive Mucokof NAC 600mg Powder

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Lemon & aloe vera flavour

Why MegaLive Mucokof NAC 600mg Powder?

Relieve respiratory conditions such as flu & cough

Act as antioxidant and clear mucus in air passageways by reducing the viscosity of mucus

Strong antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties

Protect against free radicals and improve immune function

Recommended usage for flu or cough with phlegm and respiratory affections

MegaLive Mucokof NAC 600mg Powder Is Suitable For

- Cough or flu with phlegm

- Other lung conditions, with thick and viscous hypersecretions

Recommended Dosage

Adult: Take 1 sachet (2g powder) once daily with meal, mixed with 120-150ml of water


Contraindicated in children below two (2) years of age

Warnings & Precautions 

MegaLive Mucokof NAC 600mg Powder may cause severe allergy and serious skin reactions. Stop using MegaLive Mucokof NAC 600mg Powder and seek medical assistance immediately

Product Registration No. MAL21096027NC

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Pack Size: 30 sachets /box