MegaLive Manz

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MegaLive Manz is composed of Tongkat Ali extract, oyster extract, maca extract and Tribulus extract, which is traditionally used for energy and men’s health. Feeling tired all the time? Facing under-performance in your daily life? Take MegaLive Manz now to boost your vitality and energy.


MegaLive Manz, Its Speciality & Health Benefit

- Combines 4 targeting ingredients to enhance energy and improve men’s health

- Gains vitality through this formulation and in turn, refine your quality of life

- Ingredients are rigorously checked for the quality and backed by clinical studies

- Natural and traditional preparation


Features & Benefits

Oyster Extract- A Rich Source Of Zinc

- Pacific oyster contains many trace elements especially zinc

- Zinc plays important role in human body such as the maintenance of good health


Tongkat Ali Extract

- Tongkat Ali aids in boosting energy and reducing fatigue

- It is commonly used as a general health tonic to improve physical energy level as well as quality of life


Maca Root Extract

- Maca Root is also known as Peruvian ginseng, which they are traditionally consumed for their nutritional properties

- Potential health benefits are expressed through its anti-oxidant properties

- Meanwhile, it is reported to have energizing effect to improve our daily performance


Tribulus Extract

- Tribulus is a traditional plant containing various chemical constituents such as flavonoid, alkaloids and saponin

- It is generally and traditionally used to maintain men’s health


MegaLive Manz Is Suitable For

- Athlete/individual who exercises regularly

- Individual who always feel tired

- Individual who perceives to have low performance/lack of strength in daily life

- Individual who concern about own heath


Recommended Dosage

Adults: 2 capsules once daily after meal (preferably in the morning), or as directed by your pharmacies/doctor or your health care professionals.


Product Registration No. MAL23096098TC
Halal Cert No. 5073-07/2012 Tarikh Tamat Tempoh: 15/08/2024
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Pack Size: 60’s