Workout Tips and Tricks!

You’ve been told a hundred times that exercise is good for you, and it’s true, but to maintain or do it every day is a problem, right? Here are five very good tips to rock out during your next workout.



Tip 1: Make exercise goals that you can achieve.


Many people find that having a firm goal in mind motivates them to move ahead. Goals are most useful when they are specific, realistic, and important to you. So maybe you can try to exercise on three weekdays and one weekend day for 30 minutes to start, but if you can only do less but slowly increase the duration, that’s okay too. The point is to get moving and keep moving. You can also start with mini workouts for only 5 minutes. After you get comfortable, challenge yourself by increasing the duration until your exercise lasts 30 minutes (1).


Tip 2: Get a partner to work out together so both of you can support each other.


There will be someone to help motivate you. Doing it with your exercise partner, however, makes it a lot easier. Men and women have different intensity levels. People put more effort into their workout routine when they’re exercising with someone else. So you must realise your partner cannot always keep up with you if your partner is of a different gender. What feels like a good workout to one of you might be too much or too little for the other. The same goes for healthy eating. The identical meal may not be acceptable to both of you. You may get advice on tips for healthy eating from a nutritionist (2). Fact! Men lose weight faster than women. It is due to the fact that they have more muscle mass and can burn 30 to 40 percent more calories during the same workout. You cannot compare your results with those of your partner. It’s not realistic to expect the same results in the same time period (3).




Tip 3: Don’t stick to only one place or one exercise.


Head outside. Do a variety of exercises so you don’t get bored. One of the simplest reasons for working out in a variety of places and doing different exercises is that it will be more fun. Going to the gym day after day can start to feel routine, and the last thing you want is to dread your workouts. Instead, get some fresh air with a walk, run, bike ride, or hike (2).


Tip 4: Play Some Music to Keep Your Energy Up.


Music could be just what you really need to motivate you to push further. Research has found that playing music while exercising increases the duration of workouts without a perceived increase in effort. This effect occurs because music boosts mood and encourages rhythmic movement. When a song has a strong, steady beat, for example, you can pedal or run to the beat of that music, which tends to feel satisfying and may inspire you to exercise more. While any type of music is beneficial, some research suggests faster music is more effective than slow music.


Choosing music that you enjoy and that fits your exercise routine can help you get more out of your exercise experience. Since everyone has a different ideal workout pace and intensity (4).





Tip 5:Work Out in the Morning and Get It out of the Way.


Some people find it easy if they do it in the morning, getting it out of the way before an excuse comes up to skip it. By the end of the day, you’re often really tired; random things have come up, and there’s always something else to do instead of exercise.


Morning workouts have been shown to lower nighttime blood pressure and improve sleep quality, and physical activity also improves focus and concentration, regardless of when you do it. But if you have trouble focusing during the day, a morning workout might be just the ticket. The most important thing is to find a routine, schedule, and workout routine that you can stick with (5).




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