Children and repeated infections

Whenever a child frequently being infected it makes parents worry a lot. According to study on average children get infected about 4 to 8 times annually. A big why for this is because they spend most their time at school or in day-care centers where they are in close contact with other kids most of the day. Also, it partly because kids are not conscientious enough about covering sneezing with elbow or frequent hand washing. Apart from this, it is also because their young immune systems are still developing and not strong enough to fight colds.

However, it is not practical to avoid your children from all the exposure altogether since exposure to all these things are somewhat things that build up their immune health stronger and better, but we must control the exposure and make sure that their immune health is strong enough to fight the infection.


Here are some of the tips which you may practice to help your children to stay as healthy as possible:


  • Make sure that your child get all the required vaccines under the National Immunization Program. You may also add more vaccines based on your child condition and needs but talk to your pediatrician first!



  • Make sure that your child is getting the nutrition that they need to help them with their immune system. Ensure that your child get enough protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Minimize sugar and processed foods as their tummy is only little if they fill it with all these unhealthy stuff they will have no appetite anymore for nutritious foods. Encourage children to consume fruits such as orange, kiwi, and guava that is rich with vitamin C. Limit the intake of dessert, sugary drinks, sausage, meatballs etc.



  • Discourage the habit of thumb sucking or using pacifier as your infant gets older, as a contaminated finger, thumb, or pacifier can be a route for germs transmission which can lead to infection.


  • Always keep your child’s utensils and bottle clean. If you are still breastfeeding your child, or is using breastmilk pump, make sure you frequently boiled it, or steam all the equipments.


  • Try to instils good hygiene practice since young, such as wash hands as soon as reach home, after going to the toilet, and whenever they sneeze or cough and covered it with their hand.



Most importantly, understand that frequent infections are very common in the first two years of life especially if they are in day care with many other children and after they no longer breastfed. All in all, all these will help them to make their immune health better but at the same time as a parents we need to help the children to build their immune health by providing nutritious foods, clean environment and instill good hygiene practice.