Supplementation, Who Should Consider?

Supplement consumption is not meant to reverse chronic diseases, not meant to cure diseases or to works as super pill. If there is any supplementation product that claim so, it is definitely is a scam!

Consumption of supplementation is meant to fill the gap between poor nutrition intake and the actual nutrients required by the body. With our current lifestyle practice, it is necessary for certain individuals to consume supplementation such as those who find healthy eating is not palatablethose who always busy in which food is just meant to be eaten on the go thus, fast food, processed food and junk food is always the option and to those who unable to grasp the concept of healthy eating.


When it comes to choosing the right supplementation for your body, always bear in mind to ask your dietitian, nutritionist, or doctors on the Required Nutrient Intake (RNI) by the body, usually the amount needed is small only.  If you unable to get that nutrient from food since you do not consume certain food, thus you might consider supplement taking.



As an example, if you do not eat vegetables you might consider consuming fiber, since people who do not consume vegetables usually will experience constipation. Apart from constipation, people who do not consume vegetables and/or fruits also lack of antioxidants, antioxidants is very important to fight free radicals which can cause cancer any many other chronic and metabolic diseases in the body, thus, consuming supplement product containing antioxidants might help.


There is also certain phase in life where you need supplementation such as women of childbearing age, especially if they are expecting for baby. They need to consume folic acid. Worldwide, study has been established that consuming about 0.4 mg of folic acid prior pregnancy may prevent spina bifida (a neural tube defect condition, where birth defect occur when the spine and spinal cord do not form properly).



Apart from folic acid, World Health Organization also suggest pregnant mother to consume iron supplementation. About 30 mg to 60 mg of elemental iron is recommended for pregnant women to prevent maternal anaemia, low birth weight and preterm birth. At this stage women who experience hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness) also is advised to drink oral nutrition supplement if they have difficulty in consuming food in general.


Oral nutrition supplement is not only suitable for women in such condition it is also suitable for elderly who have denture problem, in which consuming food and swallowing food is hard, elderly who is picky eater, elderly who is always lethargic.



People who has certain food preference or regime, such as those who fasting from animal-based product (usually for religion purposes) or vegan can also consider including vitamin B in their diet. This is due to, vitamin B can be found ubiquitously in animal-based food, thus people who do not consume it might be deficient of it.


In conclusion,


When it comes to filling your nutrition gap, it is much essential to talk to your medical professional, letting them know your food preference, your current full blood examination results, and health symptoms that you are experiencing might also helps in improving your nutrition needs. It is very essential to buy supplement products from the legitimate source such as from pharmacy, or as per recommended by health professional. Apart from you need to make sure that the supplement product is safe to be consumed (e.g: have Ministry of Health (MOH) notification number), you have to also talk to medical professional since, some of the herbal or botanical based supplement might interfere with your medicine consumption.



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