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    MegaLive Avo-Kenz
    Promo Pack: 2X15’s

    RM165.90 RM141.00
    MegaLive Avo-Kenz (Botanical Beverage Mix-Berries)

    Promo Pack: 2X15’s RM165.90 /set

    MegaLive Avo-Kenz is a comprehensive detox and body cleansing formulation made from 100% natural ingredients. MegaLive Avo-Kenz contains a unique blend of soluble and insoluble fiber, mix fruits and vegetables powder, prebiotic and enzymes that loaded with nutrient goodness to keep a healthy gut system and ensure optimal wellness. WHY MEGALIVE AVO-KENZ (BOTANICAL BEVERAGE MIX-BERRIES)?
    • Natural ingredients
    • No added preservatives and chemical additives
    • High in antioxidants and fibers
    • Fat free and cholesterol free
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  • MegaLive Flora 60 Sachet
    Promo Pack: 2X30’s+10’s


    MegaLive Flora 60

    Promo Pack: 2X30’s+10’s

    RM399.90 /set The 60 Billion CFU Synbiotic Approach to Boost Overall Well-being MegaLive Flora 60 is an apple juice flavored synbiotic powder comprised of prebiotic and probiotics with multi-strains which helps to optimise immune system as well as human health through providing the eco-system balance of gut microbiota. MegaLive Flora 60 Is Suitable For
    • Adults aged more than 18 years and above
    • Individuals who have weakened immune system
    • Individuals who experienced gastrointestinal problem such as bloating, constipation or diarrhea
    • Individuals with lactose intolerance
    • Elderly at risk of osteoporosis
    • Elderly with poor nutrient absorption
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    MegaLive FloraMax Pro
    Promo Pack: 2X45’s+15’s

    RM262.90 RM223.50

    MegaLive FloraMax Pro

    Promo Pack: 2X45’s+15’s RM254.60 /bottle

    MegaLive FloraMax Pro is a blend of high potency (20 Billion CFU/cap) and multi strains of friendly bacteria with Prebiotics. WHY MEGALIVE FLORAMAX PRO CAPSULE?
    • Multi-strain Probiotics (19 strains) with 2 types of Prebiotics.
    • High potency (20 Billion CFU /capsule).
    • Synbiotics (Probiotics + Prebiotics) – better way to improve the health of digestive system.
    • Withstand strong acids (pH1-2) for extended periods of time.
    • Refrigeration not required.
    • Rice fermentation – Suitable for Vegetarians.
    • No added wheat, egg, yeast, sugar, corn, soy, gluten, artificial flavouring or preservatives.
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