MegaLive UriCran

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Valid till 2023-12-31

MegaLive UriCran Overview 
Botanical beverage mix cranberry juice and fruit powder, bearberry leaf powder with Prebiotics.

Contains 4 billions CFU/sachet of probiotics cultures.
- Probiotics cultures help in improving intestinal or gut function.
- No added sugar but contains maltodextrin and sucralose.
- No artificial flavouring.

MegaLive UriCran Is Suitable For
- Individuals with UTI or recurring UTI.
- Individuals with frequent urge to urinate, incomplete emptying the bladder
- Individuals who want to maintain urinary tract health.

Directions of use;
- Mix 1 sachet with 150ml of water, mix well before consume.

KKM Approval No: 160123/12/230

Pack Size: 5gx10