MegaLive Kids Opti Plus

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Nowadays, children spend a long time viewing electronic gadgets such as computers, televisions and mobile phones. These electronic gadgets emit blue light rays that will damage children’s eyes and affect their sleep quality. This phenomenon causes the prevalence of eye problems among children to increase and has become a concern of their parents. MegaLive Kids Opti Plus contains Lutemax 2020® Marigold Extract, Blackcurrant Extract, Vitamin E and EVTeneSol® Mixed-carotene, which works synergistically to improve children’s vision health.


Why MegaLive Kids Opti Plus?

- Formulated with patented ingredients which are supported by clinical studies.

- Combination of 4 natural antioxidants for children's total eye health development and prevent from eye damage


Features & Benefits

Marigold Extract (Lutemax 2020®)

- Naturally-derived marigold extract with 20% Lutein and 4% Zeaxanthin

- Strong antioxidant which helps in absorb blue light and protect retina from light damage


Blackcurrant Extract

- Rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins which is a strong antioxidant

- Help in improving vision health


Vitamin E

- Antioxidant that helps to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals

- Help to strengthen eye capillaries for good delivery of nutrients and oxygen


Mixed-carotene (EVTeneSol®)

- Provide carotene with similar composition found in carrots

- Strong antioxidant that helps in maintaining vison health


MegaLive Kids Opti Plus Is Suitable For

- Children aged 2-12 years old

- Children who spend long time on viewing screen

- Children who does prolonged reading

- Students


Recommended Dosage

2 years and above: Take 1 sachet daily


KKM Approval No. 181022/10/038


Promo Pack: 2x45's

*Suitable for Kids